Wheelman (PG-13)

December 19, 2008

Wheelman (PG-13)


All action thriller staring Will Smith who, by day, is paraplegic, mild-mannered, web-designer & little league baseball coach, Sven Clayderman. By night, he becomes ‘WHEELMAN’… still paralysed but the best goddamn wheelman in the business.

Relentlessly pursued cross-country by borderline insane, Texan bountyhunter, Otis Clementine (Nicolas Cage) – just how long before the law catches up with him?

The scenes featuring Will Smith sitting in his wheelchair crying in the rain are actually outtakes from ‘How Slappy Got his Groove Back’.

Otis Clementine: “Nah your probably thinking to yourself, ‘does Officer Clementine have probable cause to shoot my punk-ass?’…….or should that be justifiable cause?……to shoot my punk-ass?’….. nah which is it again?…….er?……eeny……meeny……miny…….BANG!!!

[after a spectacular crash, Wheelman, bleeding & battered, is hanging upside down, trapped in the wreckage of his car. Otis approaches….] “‘scuse me sir…..would you mind stepping out of the vhe-hycle?”


How Slappy Got His Groove Back (PG-13)

Sports rehab drama starring Will Smith and Drew Barrymore.

Steve ‘Slappy’ Browne (Will Smith) is a successful professional football player, who after an on-field accident is forced into months of agonizing rehab. Whilst in rehab, he meets Dr Frances Pope (Drew Barrymore), who helps him through some tough times. In those months, the two develop an affection for each other… blah blah blah…

Climactic scene: In the pouring rain, Will Smith (in tears), sitting in his wheelchair, has decided to roll himself off a bridge into a river. Dr Pope pleads with him not to do it (“Don’t do it Slappy!”). Just as he is about roll over the side, he stands up (for the first time in months) and heaves his chair into the flowing river below. The doctor and Slappy embrace.

Possible racy love scene to follow.