Lethal Harassment (R)

May 6, 2009

Lethal Harassment (R)


Genre: Courtroom drama/psychological thriller

Stacey Winterbottom (Ellen Page) is a stenographer; Stan Hawson (Sean Bean) is a lecherous defence lawyer.

During a trial, Stan knowingly makes lewd comments the stenographer is obliged to type, then strike from the record upon the judge’s orders.

Over time, Mr Hawson’s continual crude advances turn into harassment… lethal harassment.

Possible dialogue:

Hawson: So do you admit, sir, that the stenographer undressed the handsome defence lawyer and rubbed his bodily crevices thoroughly with scented oils?

Witness: Err… No…

Judge: Please strike that last question from the record.

Black Star Dawn (15) UK

https://i2.wp.com/www.theatermania.com/news/images/13738a.jpg   http://gracemagazine.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/sean-bean.jpg

Terrorists are planning a spectacular for the World’s Football Cup of Soccer in South Africa in 2010! They plan to smuggle a nuclear bomb, hidden inside Michael Essien* (Chiwetel Ejifor) to the opening game (England v Ghana) and it’s set to go off when he scores a goal (or gets 2 assists).

(* Michael doesn’t know anything about this)

The Queen (Dame Judi Dench) orders England manager (Jamie Redknapp) to include undercover SAS man, Nobby Windass (Sean Bean) in his squad. Nobby’s mission: Stop! – Michael! – Essien!

Can Nobby complete his mission? – find the mole in the England camp? (is it physio Keira Knightley?) and win the respect of his coach & team-mates?

Oh! & unmask the man behind the whole plan: FIFA President, Randy Balzano (Tom Skerritt)

Possible dialogue:

Coach Redknapp: “He’s a Top Top player Nobby, but this is a hurt business, now get out there an ‘urt ‘im” .


American version to be made. Replace World Cup with the Indy 500, add lots more explosions and babes, etc…