Sudden Downpour (PG-13)

January 14, 2009



Sudden Downpour (PG-13)


Torrential rain and terrorism are about to strike London.


Hot-shot weather-woman Carol Kirkwood’s (Angelina Jolie) daughter is kidnapped by terrists. Carol is blackmailed by the terrists into giving a false forecast (hot ‘n’ sunny) so that the police and emergency services will be distracted dealing with the ensuing panic of a sudden downpour, leaving the terrists (Muslims probably? & led by Sir Ben Kingsley or Omid Djalili) free to rob the bank of England!


But of course they hadn’t counted on Carol, along with her sidekick – anchorman Declan Curry (Bob Hoskins), fighting back to save the day, etc etc


Note: must choose song to play over the end credits as people are shuffling out of the cinema saying: “what a rubbish Die Hard rip-off, let’s go eat”.


Illegal Aliens (R)

December 22, 2008


Illegal Aliens (R)

The tale of three illegal immigrants (Omid Djalili, Djimon Hounson and Sir Ben Kinglsey) who arrive in the UK by boat, only to discover that the island has been taken over by zombies.

They go around killing loads of zombies, including those in the Houses of Parliament.

[Essentially, a thinly veiled anti-West rant that would be huge in the Middle East.]