First Doggy (G)

March 1, 2010

First Doggy (G)

U.S President (Tim Allen) is on a top secret stopover trip to North Korea to hopefully sign a peace treaty with Kim Jong-il (Bob Hoskins).

While there, his beloved talking dog ‘Boner’ (voiced by Tom Skerritt) gets lost on the streets of Pyongyang.

The Chief of Staff (Martin Short) is instantly appointed as dogcatcher-in-chief, and given 24 hours to find the missing dog while the anxious President continues with the summit.

Luckily, Boner meets ‘Elderflower’ (voiced by Sophia Loren) a tough streetwalking Siamese cat, who takes the innocent American under her wing.
Together they attempt to avoid danger (including hungry locals) and make it back to Air Force One, before it has to take off with or without them.

Maybe along the way they can succeed where the humans have failed and somehow bring their two great nations closer together?
(*a lot closer if Boner has his way!)

Daddy Doggy (G)

February 12, 2009


Disney Presents… Daddy Doggy (G)

John and Sally Turkett (Tim Allen and Bonnie Hunt) are your average American married couple, with two kids (Dakota Fanning and Jake T. Austin), and a dog named Spot. John is a corporate lawyer and Sally a renowned heart surgeon. Unfortunately, their marriage has recently been on the rocks, as John has become obsessed with work.

One day, whilst on a trip to the shop, John and the dog are in a horrible car accident. The dog is killed. John manages to cling to life but is in desperate need of a heart transplant.

After overcoming the shock of the news, Sally decides to put her years of research into practice and perform the first ever dog to human heart transplant. Amazingly, all goes well. John has a quick and full recovery with only one side effect… hilarity!

When John returns home it becomes clear that he has taken on some of Spot’s ‘habits’(e.g. include scenes of John humping the couch, chasing an ice cream truck, taking a dump on the neighbour’s lawn, etc… this film pretty much writes itself.)

Both wife and kids are happier than ever as John is transformed into a loving and loyal husband and father.