The Facility (R)

October 22, 2010

The Facility (R)

Genre: Intense horror. This year’s ‘Paranormal activity’ filmed entirely within a claustrophobic toilet cubicle.

Tagline: As if taking a dump at work wasn’t scary enough already.

Friday afternoon at an ordinary Detroit law firm, sits an ordinary employee just waiting for his uneventful weekend to begin. But today, Adam Faith (Matt Damon) is about to take a risk by having a last minute ‘No. 2’ at work. It could prove to be the biggest mistake of his life.

Finding it quite busy and seeking privacy, he takes the elevator to a secluded bathroom on the derelict top floor (this is Detroit). He makes himself comfortable and begins. He hears someone else enter (odd?) but he continues as quietly as possible. However, during the procedure, he unwittingly lets rip with a ‘machine gun’ like blast of wind! Panic stricken, he decides not to acknowledge it and remain in the stall until everyone has left the bathroom to spare all concerned any awkwardness or embarrassment.

Unfortunately, he is denied a suitable window of opportunity as he thinks he can still hear the intruder. Soon he realises he has left it far too late and by now everybody must have gone home for the weekend. He tries to open the door but it’s stuck! (*it’s a very sturdy cubicle. Impossible to break down or climb over/under.)

And so begins a horrific ordeal, set to last at least the next three nights. As Adam tries to cope with the effects of dehydration and hunger, he passes in and out of consciousness (without any heating and with only natural light from the broken window.)

At one stage, in desperation, he tries to squeeze under the cubicle door legs first but he becomes stuck and feels something scratching at his legs (rats?)
Then, it seems that an unseen entity is trying to communicate with him through graffiti, which mysteriously appears and disappears on the cubicle wall!
Eventually, he realises that there is someone (or something) in the bathroom with him. Just on the other side of the door… Something evil!

Adam now knows that he is engaged in a titanic struggle, not just for his life, but for possession of his very soul!

Fact: a demon cannot take or even buy a soul. It can only be given away. A demon’s job is to convince us that our souls are worthless.

Will Adam find the strength to hold on?

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