Brek It Down (PG-13)

October 9, 2011

Brek It Down (PG-13)

Genre: Dance flick

Troubled teen ‘September Katz’ (Ellen Page) just doesn’t get on with her parents (Drew Barrymore & Kevin Bacon). They want her to follow in their footsteps & take up Swing Dancing on ice – but September only has time for her urban, hip hop, step dance crew.

One night, as her parents drive home from the national Ice Swing Dance semi-final, their car is involved in a tragic accident. Both are killed but the family dog (Mr Boogaloo) is thrown clear & survives.

September is devastated & decides to take her parents place in the final (much to the disgust of her crew) but she needs to find a partner she can trust… & it must be someone familiar with her parent’s complicated routines?…..step forward Mr Boogaloo!

With only a week till the final, will they be able to pull it off?

Daddy Doggy (G)

February 12, 2009


Disney Presents… Daddy Doggy (G)

John and Sally Turkett (Tim Allen and Bonnie Hunt) are your average American married couple, with two kids (Dakota Fanning and Jake T. Austin), and a dog named Spot. John is a corporate lawyer and Sally a renowned heart surgeon. Unfortunately, their marriage has recently been on the rocks, as John has become obsessed with work.

One day, whilst on a trip to the shop, John and the dog are in a horrible car accident. The dog is killed. John manages to cling to life but is in desperate need of a heart transplant.

After overcoming the shock of the news, Sally decides to put her years of research into practice and perform the first ever dog to human heart transplant. Amazingly, all goes well. John has a quick and full recovery with only one side effect… hilarity!

When John returns home it becomes clear that he has taken on some of Spot’s ‘habits’(e.g. include scenes of John humping the couch, chasing an ice cream truck, taking a dump on the neighbour’s lawn, etc… this film pretty much writes itself.)

Both wife and kids are happier than ever as John is transformed into a loving and loyal husband and father.