The Dig (PG-13)

October 9, 2009

The Dig (PG-13)


Tagline: There will be mud

Whilst on a archaeological dig, Dr Theodosius Queerbones (Nicholas Cage) and plucky assistant Jane Martin (Megan Fox), uncover what appears to be a spaceship. The vessel is covered in hieroglyphs and symbols that are foreign to them, so Queerbones turns to renowned UFOlogist Quentin Cobbleman (Hugh Laurie) to decipher the code.

Cobbleman is astounded and uses an artefact that he found years ago (the Georgetta Stone), to translate the code. Feeling there are on the verge of re-writing the entire history of the Western World, they are disappointed when the translated symbols read: “If this ship’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’”.

Devastated by the let down, Dr Queerbones enters into a deep depression. During this time, he is tormented by inexplicable images of giant, alien-like, walking and talking hotdogs. One evening, Dr Queerbones tries to contact Dr Cobbleman again, but he’s informed that he’s been killed. Suspicious and frightened, Dr Queerbones totally freaks out.

Queerbones returns, along with plucky assistant, to scene of the vessel but finds that it’s been commandeered by military officials. They sneak into their compound and find something far more terrifying and mind-blowing than they ever could have imagined…

Possible dialogue:

Dr Q: My god… is that what I think it is?

JM: That’s the creepiest giant, alien-like, walking and talking hotdog I have ever seen.