Dead All Over (E)

March 27, 2009

Dead All Over (E)**


Genre: Fast car/Shoot em’ up/Alien film

Professional autoracer Shane Shaftson (Vin Diesel) has an accident – caused by his hated rival, Guy LeDuc (Vincent Cassel) – and awakes quadriplegic.

With the help of this genius friend, Skip Hipplemeyer (Hayley Joel Osment), Shane designs a car to drive without the use of limbs – unfortunately, it only works in zero gravity.

At a widely attended press conference, Shane surprisingly challenges Guy to the race of all races – on the moon. Guy has no option but to accept.

After making their way to the moon, the two drivers are forced to work together when it becomes apparent that they are not alone.

Notes: Lots off wicked moon-buggy chase scenes, explosions, crashes and lunar babes.

**Rated E for ‘Excitement’.