Vampires of Atlantis (PG-13)

 Genre: Rubbish vampire movie that oddly makes a lot of money

 The crew of a stricken German U-boat have to battle underwater vampires when their sub crashes to the seabed, disturbing the lost city of Atlantis (see

 Skipper (Matt Dillon) enlists the help of his prisoners: British spy (Jessica Alba) & American GI (Djimon Hounsou) to help fend off the army of the undead, led by the Count & Countess Du Pompadour (Liam Neeson & Jessica Biel [in a wet vampire costume]).

 The climax features sole survivors Hounsou and Alba gathering all the wood on board the sub to make a giant torpedo-sized stake, which they aim at the heart of the underwater city.

 Possible dialogue:

 Hounsou: “Fire one!………………….gotcha BLOODSUCKAAAAAAZ!!”


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