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Genre: Thinly veiled rip-off of The Firm

When sports journalist Rod Smith (Martin Freeman) is asked by his editor/boss (Bob Hoskins) to publish implausible football rumours (mainly related to football manager Henry Redknack) in their normally reputable newspaper, he prints them without a second thought.

The practice soon becomes a regular occurrence, and Rod is rewarded with large bonuses and glowing reviews. Rod, feeling that he’s finally getting his due, spends his new fortunes lavishly on vast quantities of Monster Munch® and Pepsi Max®.

One evening in the pub, Rod’s drunken Irish colleague Benny Glengarry (Dylan Moran) informs him that he believes that the editors are printing fake rumours to affect spread betting odds – which, in turn, they (and football manager Henry Redknack) are betting against to make a small fortune. Rod dismisses the notion, convinced that Benny is out of his mind.

The next day, Benny is found dead seemingly having choked on a fried chicken bone. Rod, knowing that Benny was a vegetarian (having only ever seen him eat potato-based foodstuffs), becomes suspicious and begins investigating the betting allegations himself.

When he discovers his bosses are indeed corrupt, murderous, organized criminals, he must risk his own life to escape the intricate web of deceit.

Possible Reviews:

“Rubbish” – Sid Lowe, Guardian