Bozos (PG-13)

December 12, 2008

Bozos (PG-13)

Vance Simpson (Mario Van Peebles) and Harland Clark (MacKenzie Crook) are two professional clowns who decide to run away from the circus, as they have grown tired of the lack of respect (insert some scene of a kid spitting on one of them).

They are forced into a life of petty crime as they try to make ends meet. By accident, they kidnap a six year old kid (played by some smart-ass Gary Coleman/Cop and a Half type actor)– who happens to be in the backseat of a car they steal.

Hilarity ensues as the kid turns out to be more than a handful.

They discover that the kid wants to join them on the run – and he threatens to tell the cops all sorts of lies, if they return him to the his parents or the authorities.

Possible scenes:

Kid makes them take him to a strip club, kid convinces them to hire a prozzie, kid kills someone and makes them bury the body, etc, etc…

Possible dialogue:

VS: Just keep your mouth shut, kid. You’re driving me crazy!
HC: Yeah… You’ve got to give us some time to think!
Kid: You really are a couple of clowns… now pass the hooch, muthafuckas.