Homeland (G)

February 22, 2010

Homeland (G)

Blind Gulf war veteran, now head of American Homeland Security, Col. Bobcat Poindexter (Kevin Costner) has only one friend, his guide dog and constant companion: a Chocolate Lab named ‘Dubois’.

Col. Bobcat is conducting an investigation to find the mole in his department. The prime suspect being new recruit Hamid Fargi (Omid Djalili), an Iranian exile recently granted U.S. citizenship.

But in a shock twist the traitor turns out to be Dubois, who has been secretly working for the Canadians all along (insert scene of a clearly confused dog being confronted with photographs of him having dinner with Michael Bublé).

Dubois is sentenced to death by firing squad/gas but he escapes by holding his breath and playing dead.

& so begins the biggest dog hunt in history. Dubois heads for the border, pursued by Bobcat and his new guide, the Iranian exile Hamid. (Just maybe, along the way, they’ll begin to form a grudging respect for each other?)

As thousands of Canucks line the border waiting to give Dubois a hero’s welcome, the fear is that the situation could spiral out of control and even lead to war…