Worst Case Tsunamio (PG-13)


Genre: Big budget action blockbuster

Japan’s top hostage negotiator and ex-surfing champion, Harry Gateaux (Keanu Reeves), is about to have a very bad day.

After a robbery at Tokyo’s tallest bank is foiled by the SWAT team, the thieves (led by John Travolta) grab two hostages [Harry’s wife (Sandra Bullock) and father-in-law (George Takei), who also happens to be a Yakuza boss] and seek refuge on the top floor of the building. Meanwhile, fire begins to rage out of control at the ground level and starts to climb upwards.

When a Chinese underground nuclear test goes awry, sending the biggest tsunami in history on a collision course with Tokyo, Harry must deal with a ‘perfect storm’ of crime, political crisis, natural disaster and domestic trouble.

Possible dialogue:
Chief Watanabe: “It’s no good! You can’t save people that high up, they’ll be jumping soon! Evacuate the area!”
Harry: “No wait… how high did you say that incoming wave was?”
Watanabe: “1000 feet.”
Harry: “… and how tall is that building?”
Watanabe: “1000 feet”
Harry: “Get me a motherfreakin’ surfboard………..sir!”