El Casa Blanca (G)

December 15, 2008


El Casa Blanca (G)

Annoying screwball comedy, possibly directed by Pedro Almodovar or Cheech Marin, in which Regan Rhinestone (Jennifer Lopez) is elected as the USA’s first Mexican-American female president.

Rhinestone promptly moves in along with her good for nothing husband (Jeffrey Tambor) and avaricious mother (Rosie Perez).

Sparks fly when the President begins an affair with White House aide (Isabella Rossellini).

Possible dialogue:

Mom (bursting into the Oval Office): Regan, I can’t find the cucumber I bought anywhere. Do you know where it went?

President: How many times to I have to tell you, mother – I am busy running a country!

Aide: It is on the bedside table… by the butter.

President: Err…