Trapezium (PG-13)

February 22, 2009


Trapezium (PG-13)


Genre:  Sophisticated Hitchcockian Thriller


Overworked London-based Company Secretary John Bottomley (Hugh Grant) has a nervous breakdown (a side effect of which is an irrational fear of the colour blue). His doctor orders him to take a break from work, so he decides to goes on a wine-tasting trip to Istanbul (maybe now, with time on his hands, he can even resume his old hobby of song writing?)


He finds himself in the same hotel as Turkish pop sensation, Fatima Fani (Paris Hilton), who is due to represent her country in the Eurovision song contest, which takes place in Moscow in just 2 days. 


Later that night at the theatre, John accidentally thwarts an attempt to assassinate Fatima (by Omid Djalili’s Albanian extremists, disguised as ‘The Blue Man Group’).


And so begins a deadly game of cat & mouse, as John & Fatima flee across Eastern Europe, pursued every step of the way by the murderous and seemingly indestructible ‘Blue Man’…Will they make it to Moscow in time for the final*?


(* yes they will….* & maybe along the way, John can also find time to write Fatima a great new song which will actually give her a chance of winning? Just maybe.)