Lights Out (R)

December 21, 2009

Lights Out (R)

Genre: Christmas ghost story

December 12th. Retired detective, Ginny Swine (Judi Dench) is speeding through Florida, when she is arrested for drunk driving and sentenced to spend Christmas in Florida State Prison (the Alcratraz of the Everglades).

As an ex cop, she is shunned by both inmates and guards. The only person who even acknowledges her presence is troubled teen gangbanger, LaWanda (Gabourey Sidibe) who is heavily pregnant and due to give birth on December 25th. LaWanda & Ginny strike up an unlikely friendship and Ginny teaches her how to defend herself against rival gang members.

Unfortunately, Ginny is unable to defend herself from the terror that visits her cell every night. Just after lights out, she is repeatedly raped by the ghost of Aileen Wournos (Charlize Theron) – the executed serial killer was the previous occupant of Ginny’s cell & now haunts it.

Ginny & LaWanda realise neither of them (nor the baby) will survive much longer if they stay in jail, so they decide to attempt the impossible and escape.

Long story short, they escape, just in time for LaWanda’s baby to be born in freedom on Christmas day. They go their separate ways and LaWanda leaves her life of crime behind.

Months later, LaWanda (now a successful businesswoman) tries to discreetly track down the cop who saved her life, to thank her properly, but is shocked to discover that Ginny Swine died in car accident on December 12th! oooooh!

**soundtrack includes the surprise Christmas No.1 ‘O Holy Night’ by Dave Crosby & Susan Boyle

Ghostbombers (PG-13)

March 19, 2009


Ghostbombers (PG-13)

When mysterious explosions occur on the eve of the 2012 Olympics in London – terrists are initially blamed.

After blasts continue without explanation, intrepid historian (and war buff) Prof. Jane Bowie (Dame Judi Dench) starts to notices a pattern – that the explosions are taking place in areas of WWII bomb sites.

She consults her war buff friend Harry Tippleman (Peter O’Toole), who digs out an old radar machine to test the theory. Turning on the machine, they see several blips on screen and moments later new explosions are reported – yet there are no planes visible in the sky. They conclude that London is being bombed by an old enemy… a ghost fleet of German Luftwaffe.

While others scoff had her seemingly delusional explanations, she knows she’s in a race against time – with the Olympic opening ceremonies to begin within days on former site of a major bomb raid.

Possible dialogue:

Prime Minister: So just who is behind the bombings, Professor?

Prof. Bowie: German Ghostbombers, Mr Prime Minister.

Prime Minister: By gad! (pause) Summon the ghost of Churchill!