Treehugger (PG-13)

December 17, 2008



Treehugger (PG-13)

Environmentalist Mia Appleton (Megan Fox) is hiking through the Amazonian rainforest when she stumbles upon a magnificent tree (voiced by Forest Whitaker). She is seduced by the branches and leaves, and decides to spend the rest of her days in its company.

After a few happy months, her world is turned upside down when a local logging company, run by Juande Suarez (Edward James Olmos), is ordered in to deforest the area.

Mia manages to save the tree from destruction, thanks to some crafty MacGyver-like work to ward off the evil logging company.

Possible Dialogue:

Mia: Oh tree, your bark is so thick and rough.

Tree: Rub me baby… rub me aaaaaallllll night looooooong…