Prince Sese Maloko Muamba of Connecticut (G)  



Having been raised by adoptive parents in suburban Connecticut, Larry Martin (Tracy Morgan) lives a typical middle-class life… until he learns that his real father is an African king (as a dying wish, the king’s advisors were been sent to find the son he once abandoned – king played by Eddie Murphy).

Assuming he is to inherit massive wealth, Larry embraces his African roots, adopting traditional dress, decorating his house in African art, employing African proverbs, hiring a witch doctor, etc. Finding it easy to obtain credit as the son of a king, he spends freely on lavish dinners, entertaining local business people and leaders.

Larry, however, runs into trouble with the law when he’s caught on camera killing an elephant at a local zoo whilst on a ‘hunt’. Creditors also catch up to him making financial demands that he can’t meet.

But all ends well when Larry finds out he’s not a prince after all – it’s some other adopted Larry Martin living in Delaware – and it’s all good because the other Larry Martin ends up being served with a massive debt repayment notices.

Possible dialogue:

LM: I think I’ll have a McElephant for dinner.

Servant: Umm… your highness… the McElephant does not exist.

LM: Load up my rifle. We’re going McHunting.

Gravy Train (G)

June 23, 2009

Gravy Train (G)



Genre: Whimsical epic dramedy set amongst the loveable train-hopping hobo community of depression-era America.

Hoagy (Mickey Rourke) is a penniless drifter, who dreams of a better life. Hoss (Nick Nolte) is his cynical ‘friend’ who always seems to drag them both back down into the gutter.

One day, Hoagy befriends George (Eddie Murphy), a porter on a cross-country train (subplot: in reality, he’s the brains behind the operation and dreams of becoming the first black chairman of a railroad company, replacing his corrupt, racist boss [Daniel Day-Lewis])

George gives Hoagy a job in the dining car, where he displays a previously hidden talent as a chef. Soon the train (& Hoagy’s speciality gravy) is renowned from coast to coast, and Hoagy becomes America’s first celebrity chef.

Just as life start to look rosy for Hoagy, Hoss turns up looking for a piece of the action (along with his freeloading buddies played by Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman and Dame Judi Dench)

Will they ruin Hoagy’s dream? Or will George turn them into a crack train crew, helping them to get themselves (& America) back on track?

Additional Notes:

  • Directed by Ron Howard.
  • Soundtrack to include Amy Winehouse’s single Gravy Train (sung to the tune of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train):

Gravy, so Hoagy knows,

Feeding the people,

Wherever he goes.


Hoss is back stealing,

Who and what’s to blame,

They’re working all together on a gravy train.