Nutcracker Copper (PG-13)

December 10, 2009

Nutcracker Copper (PG-13)

Hard-nosed NYC cop Jimmy Cantina (Kevin James) has a life-long secret passion – ballet.

When the police are informed of a potential attack on the mayor at the NY ballet’s opening performance of the Nutcracker, the chief (Delroy Lindo) asks for volunteers to go undercover with the cast and crew. Cantina leaps at the chance.

During the first rehearsal, the director notices Cantina natural skills and promotes him to the role of the Nutcracker – which involves wearing an elaborate oversized nutcracker costume. Weeks of rehearsals go by but Cantina gains no leads into the suspected attack – though he does develop a carnal interest in the lead ballerina (Jennifer Love Hewitt).

Opening night arrives and mayor (Powers Boothe) takes his place in the front row. In the final scene of the ballet, the lead ballerina unexpectedly lobs a live grenade in the mayor’s direction. Quick-thinking Cantina performs a flying-pirouette and catches the grenade in his costume’s Nutcraker mouth. The Nutcracker’s head ‘splodes but Jimmy and the mayor are saved! The crowd, quiet at first, erupt into raptures.

New York Times: “Dynamite!”

New York Post: “Cracking show!”