Hot Air (PG-13)

August 28, 2009

Hot Air (PG-13)



Genre: Generic chase film (like Bullitt) – but with hot-air balloons

Chazz (Nicholas Cage) and Gemma Rayzor (Sandra Bullock) are avid husband-and-wife hot-air balloonists. Together, they’ve won over 100 races in the balloon they affectionately refer to as ‘Boon’.

One day, during one of their races, they witness a murder in the basket of another balloon. Abandoning the competition, they decide to pursue the suspect – who is surprisingly quick!

(Include riveting 45 minute hot-air balloon chase scene where they’re screaming things like:

Gemma: “We need more speed! Have we chucked everything out? Where’s that six-pack of organic beans?”

Chazz: “I eated them.”

They suddenly stare at each other with the same thought

Gemma: “Drop your pants, I’ll get a match!”)

Chazz and Gemma eventually land on top of the murderer and subdue him after performing the world’s first hot-air balloon loop-de-loop.