The Papacy Conspiracy (PG-13)

June 10, 2010

The Papacy Conspiracy (PG-13)

Tagline: Mother of God!

The Vatican is hiding a secret: The pope is pregnant!

After the mysterious death of Benedict XVI, a woman is surprisingly chosen as the new pope (The 266th, & according to ancient prophecy, the last!)

Pope Fatima the 1st (C.C.H. Pounder) is soon complaining of stomach pains and a mysterious morning sickness. She consults Vatican doctors, only to be given the shocking (& miraculous) news that she is going to have a baby! The Vatican keeps the news a secret, until they decide what to do.
However, one man: professional online gamer and amateur sleuth, ‘Pooter Hackman’ (Nicolas Cage), stumbles across the secret, after accidentally gaining access to secret Vatican files.

The security breach is discovered, so a Vatican insider: Archbishop Barzini (Tom Sizemore) is dispatched to track down and silence Pooter (the Archbishop is given special dispensation to break any, or all of the Ten Commandments, for the greater good).

Will Pooter survive long enough to reveal the shocking truth to the world? & what will become of Fatima & her soon to be born child!?

One Response to “The Papacy Conspiracy (PG-13)”

  1. Natan Says:

    This one is amazing! Can you please Tweet is so I can retweet it to people?

    Keep up the good movie ideas

    DOD forever

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