#100 – Captain Pickle’s Fuzzy Warm Hugs Gang (G)

February 4, 2010

Captain Pickle’s Fuzzy Warm Hugs Gang (G)

Genre: Psychedelic/surrealistic animated tosh

Struggling conceptual artists Stan Redman and Calvin Green (voiced by Owen and Luke Wilson) travel to a transcendental meditation retreat in Rikikesh, India, seeking spiritual guidance and artistic inspiration (and drugs). Other guests include cartoon versions of Mia Farrow, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Jeff Bridges, Dame Judi Dench, etc.

Soon after their arrival, however, the Maharishi (the retreat’s guru) is kidnapped by a group of monsters known as the Bad Vibes (who dress somewhat like the Taliban and have a dislike for creativity).

Redman and Green convince the other guests to form a musical band (dubbed ‘Captain Pickle’s Fuzzy Warm Hugs Gang’) to fight the Bad Vibes with ‘good vibes’ and to show them the value of love, music and art (and drugs).

Bombarded with endless music, the Bad Vibes are forced to surrender. Redman and Green offer a token of friendship (shrooms) to the Chief Bad Vibe and he has a ‘change of heart’. The Maharishi is saved and an enormous (drug fueled) party ensues!


Listen to Captain Pickle’s Theme Here

Possible Dialogue:

Redman: “But are you riding the horse? or is the horse riding you?”



4 Responses to “#100 – Captain Pickle’s Fuzzy Warm Hugs Gang (G)”

  1. Tim Allen Says:

    I love all these talking dog movies, but i think a better title for this one would have been ‘Homeland’ or something like that?

  2. cashbagg Says:

    I think the movie will bomb….but the musical score is pure genius.

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