The A-List (PG-13)

August 25, 2009

The A-List (PG-13) 


Genre: Chick-flick, Rom-com

Jessica Butterworth (Katrina Bowden) and Jill Ardsen (Tina ’30 Rock’ Fey) are struggling LA actress/friends who, after watching a spectacularly over-the-top celebrity wedding on TV in their dingy shared apartment, are prompted into making a bet that one of them can become an A-List celebrity within 6 months.
They try every trick in the book: public nudity, the ‘casting couch’, confessing their ‘cocaine shame’ to the tabloids, appearing on ‘America’s Got Talent’ (hilarity ensues when they attempt to out ‘Susan Boyle’ each other), dating increasingly famous men, deliberately leaking their sex tapes on to the internet, etc…

The antics eventually lead to a breakdown in their relationship and the contest turns ugly. 

Jessica meets a cynical, but charming, publicist (Patrick Dempsey) who advises her to use even more shocking tactics in her quest for fame.

Meanwhile, Jill meets a poor, but honest, theatre director (Billy Crudup) who advises her to forget about fame and concentrate on the quality of the work.

Ultimately, they both succeed via different routes. They eventually make up and have a fairytale ending featuring a massive media circus for their very own A-List joint celebrity wedding.

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