Prince Sese Maloko Muamba of Connecticut (G)

August 4, 2009

Prince Sese Maloko Muamba of Connecticut (G)  



Having been raised by adoptive parents in suburban Connecticut, Larry Martin (Tracy Morgan) lives a typical middle-class life… until he learns that his real father is an African king (as a dying wish, the king’s advisors were been sent to find the son he once abandoned – king played by Eddie Murphy).

Assuming he is to inherit massive wealth, Larry embraces his African roots, adopting traditional dress, decorating his house in African art, employing African proverbs, hiring a witch doctor, etc. Finding it easy to obtain credit as the son of a king, he spends freely on lavish dinners, entertaining local business people and leaders.

Larry, however, runs into trouble with the law when he’s caught on camera killing an elephant at a local zoo whilst on a ‘hunt’. Creditors also catch up to him making financial demands that he can’t meet.

But all ends well when Larry finds out he’s not a prince after all – it’s some other adopted Larry Martin living in Delaware – and it’s all good because the other Larry Martin ends up being served with a massive debt repayment notices.

Possible dialogue:

LM: I think I’ll have a McElephant for dinner.

Servant: Umm… your highness… the McElephant does not exist.

LM: Load up my rifle. We’re going McHunting.

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