The Human $ellout (G)

July 20, 2009

The Human $ellout (G)

Bingo Balls

Big Balls

When marketing executive Bill Peterson (Jim Carrey) loses his job, he faces ruin. In the midst of an economic meltdown, he has little prospects of re-employment and is saddled by a whopping mortgage. To make ends meet, he decides to do what he knew best… he becomes a human marketing tool.

In exchange for corporate cash, he changes his name to Pepsi® Peterson, he covers his house, car and clothes in Toyota® ads, and promotes Disney® products wherever he goes. He soon becomes known as ‘the human sell-out’, appearing on TV chat shows and in magazines and newspapers. His visibility sky rockets – and consequently, so does his income.

In the attempts to secure one last massive pay-off, he posts himself on Ebay®. Far too late, Peterson recognises the flaw in his plan when a bidding war erupts between a thought-to-be-dead fairground owner/pop star from Gary, Indiana (played by Tracy Morgan) and a sadistic dominatrix (played by Sarah Palin®).

Possible dialogue:

Pepsi (to the dominatrix): “Please Madame, not the right testicle… It’s sponsored by Little Big Bingo!”

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