Living Deth (PG-13)

June 11, 2009

Living Deth (PG-13)


Genre: Romance, Horror
Tagline: Zombies just got sexy

Teenage sweethearts Sam Night (Cam Gigandet) and Meredith Reaper – or ‘Deth’ as she’s known affectionately to her friends (Miley Cyrus) – live in the small California town of Crewdson (a town perpetually bathed in an eerie twilight due to its unique location in a narrow wooded valley).

Sam and ‘Deth’ are part of a high school clique of beautiful people (Hayden Panettiere, Chris Evans, Ashley Tisdale, etc) admired by many but hated by Satanist outsider, Billy Ray Potter (Robert Pattinson).

In a horrific high school massacre, Billy Ray specifically targets the ‘beautiful people’, killing all except Sam.

A devastated Sam visits Deth’s grave every day, accompanied by Deth’s mother (Kate Beckinsale). One day, they are shocked to find all the beautiful people have dug their way out of the graves and are just sitting around chatting. They seem a little distant… but still look great!

Sam and Deth find they are still passionately in love… and so begins the forbidden relationship between the living and the dead (**Deth must somehow remember to resist the urge to eat Sam’s brains).

But when the beautiful people get hungry and attack the town, the mayor, Mick Meyer (Jamie Foxx), is forced to turn to Billy Ray (in the local jail awaiting trial) to help defeat the ever growing army of flesh hungry un-dead.

Will Sam choose life… or Deth?

Notes: Soundtrack includes ‘Beautiful Zombies’ by Girls Aloud & ‘Dead Inside’ by Jessica Simpson.

4 Responses to “Living Deth (PG-13)”

  1. JC Says:

    Sounds fun…the casting is all wrong, though. Cam Gigandet and Miley Cyrus?? C’mon. It goes against the Indie grain to cast an actor (Robert Pattinson? Ha!) just for the oomph factor. A satantic murderer of innocent, all-American teens turns hero? Hard sell.

  2. A. Morisson Says:

    Very interesting blog. Unusual concept. Where is your source for the movies never made? Were they actually ever optioned, or are they just pulled from the sky?

    BTW, for more Zombie info check out my Zombie Research Society blog at:

    Hope you like it, and keep up the good work!


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