Sudden Downpour (PG-13)

January 14, 2009



Sudden Downpour (PG-13)


Torrential rain and terrorism are about to strike London.


Hot-shot weather-woman Carol Kirkwood’s (Angelina Jolie) daughter is kidnapped by terrists. Carol is blackmailed by the terrists into giving a false forecast (hot ‘n’ sunny) so that the police and emergency services will be distracted dealing with the ensuing panic of a sudden downpour, leaving the terrists (Muslims probably? & led by Sir Ben Kingsley or Omid Djalili) free to rob the bank of England!


But of course they hadn’t counted on Carol, along with her sidekick – anchorman Declan Curry (Bob Hoskins), fighting back to save the day, etc etc


Note: must choose song to play over the end credits as people are shuffling out of the cinema saying: “what a rubbish Die Hard rip-off, let’s go eat”.


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