Chasing Donuts (G)

January 12, 2009


Chasing Donuts (G)

[aka Chasing Doughnuts) – UK



Yet another drippy Data-entry biopic




The amazing true-life story of the infamous Stan Sanford (Mr Spreadsheet, to his friends) – the world’s greatest data entry clerk (played by Shia LaBeouf).


The film documents his extraordinary rise to fame, examining the obstacles he encountered (e.g. his rivalry with the Indian clerk who had extra fingers, his own body’s rejection of the extra finger implants, etc.) and follows his hunt for legendary Jimmy ‘Donuts’ Donovan (played by Mickey Rourke or Mickey Rooney), the man who invented data entry.


Ultimately, Sandford overcomes all obstacles to reach the final of the hit TV series Data Entry Idol (hosted by David Crosby) and eventually becomes the world’s first legitimate triple threat – a man who excels at data entry, donut eating and office spamming.

4 Responses to “Chasing Donuts (G)”

  1. Ricky Mork Says:

    How much did he (Rourke) pay to get that pockmarked skin resurfaced? I saw him on Larry King a few days ago and his skin looked as smooth as a baby’s, but very stretched, making his mouth and cheeks look rather strange.

  2. coffee Says:

    i was wondering what happened to Mickey Rourke, then there he was at the Golden Globes

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