The Shoe Thrower (G)

December 16, 2008


The Shoe Thrower (G)

Genre: Artsy indie foreign film with “a shock ending that will blow your mind“.

Muntadhar al-Zaidi’s (Omid Djalili) ambition in life is to live in a society where shoe-throwing is deemed acceptable.

Throughout his troubled life, he is jailed on many occasions for throwing his shoes at a people in positions of authority (including a University professor with whom he had a disagreement about his falafel toppings).

After his release from prison (after the falafel incident), he is offered a chance at a local newspaper, which is run by his boyhood friend: “This is your last chance Muntadhar!” (during this scene, Muntadhar is visibly irritated and tempted to throw his shoes at his friend – but doesn’t).

Months go by and Muntadhar slowly adjusts to his new role. He saves up his money to buy a very special pair of shoes – ones which he would find very difficult to throw away (“I love these shoes more than I love my mother”).

One day he finds himself at a press conference with the Iraqi president… and, unexpectedly, the American president appears unannounced.

Muntadhar is torn between his desire to plonk Georgie Boy Jr (Michael Richards) with his size 10s and the reality that life, as he knows it, would end if he were to succumb to his inner demons.

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